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Product Support & Help

Synth-Tek maintains support for it's products only, not for technical questions regarding the instrument(s) covered in it's products. For questions or problems regarding a Synth-Tek CD-ROM only, contact Synth-Tek Technical Support

All Synth-Tek CD-ROM's are compatible with Apple Macintosh & Windows compatible computers. All CD-ROM titles are designed to run from your computer's CD-ROM drive. No hard drive installation is required. Performance may vary according to computer system. Faster processor and CD-ROM drive speeds improve performance.


System Requirements For K2500 & K2600
Beginning & Intermediate CD-ROM's:


  • 166MHz PowerPC or better
  • OS 8.1 or higher
  • OSX compatible only in Classic Mode
  • 8X speed or faster CD-ROM drive
  • 32MB of free physical RAM
  • 13" color monitor & mouse


  • 166MHz Pentium II or better
  • Windows '95 or better **
  • 8X speed or faster CD-ROM drive
  • sound card
  • 32MB of free physical RAM
  • 13" color monitor & mouse

** Known compatibility issues currently exist with Windows 2000. See our Note about this for the latest on this issue and the upcoming updated titles.

Bugs & Conflicts

If you have recently upgraded your K2600 Operating System to 3.0 or Higher or your K2500 operating system to version 5.0 or higher:
Recently Kurzweil released Operating System 3.0 for the K2600 models & O/S version 5.0 for the K2500. With those upgrades came some differences in the way certain pages looked and the functionality of performing certain tasks within certain editors. In particular, the Effects Mode editing pages seem to have some revisions. This will cause a few tutorials involving KDFX to be slightly different. If you have recently upgraded your K2600 or K2500 Operating System you may encounter a few discrepancies between some of our tutorials and what you are actually seeing on your Kurzweil's screen. These changes are very minor. The ideas and theory behind the process of the tutorials on the CD-ROMs still applies. To read about all the new changes in the 3.0 Operating System, download the PDF manual for the upgrade at Kurzweil's Web Site.


Windows Users experiencing audio drop-outs on the "Beginning" titles:
Due to several compatibility issues with the new Windows ME (Millennium Edition) operating system, both K2500 and K2600 "Beginning" CD-ROM's may not function properly. Common symptoms are audio glitches and font(text) spacing irregularities. However, on some systems, these symptoms are less of an issue depending on hardware configurations. Our programs have been tested and found to be fully compatible with Windows 95 and Windows 98 & Windows NT.

This is not an issue for Macintosh owners.

The Intermediate titles are be fully compatible with Windows '98, ME & XP and MAC.


Disclaimer: Synth-Tek makes no guarantees of compatibility with its software. Compatibility and system requirements are based on actual tests with various computer hardware and software systems. It is impossible to test every hardware/software/operating system configuration. Therefore, the minimum requirements listed on the Synth-Tek CD-ROM documentation is based on tests with software and hardware that was/is available at the time of production. Compatibility with future systems cannot be tested...obviously. Report at problem to Synth-Tek.


Error: #getProp :
2 possible causes. (1) If you own an early Apple G3 computer (tower, or laptop) and you get this error message, you will need to upgrade your operating system to Apple O/S 9.02 or better. System 9.02 has a revised memory handling extension that will eliminate this message. We have tested this product on a variety of G3 computers and have found this fix to work.
(2) If you get this message on a Mac that is not an early model G3 processor, it is typically indicative of an extension or control panel conflict. On MAC computers, try disabling any Adobe Type extensions & control panels such as ATM, Adobe Type Reunion & Adobe Gamma. If all else fails, try disabling all extensions in your system folder except for the CD-ROM/DVD driver. Report at problem to Synth-Tek.


When I click on a tutorial, the computer seems to take a long time to start the tutorial :
This is common. Since the program is designed to run from your CD-ROM drive, access time will be slower than a hard disk-based program. Some computers have CD-ROM drives that are 4X-speed or less. These drives will take longer to load the necessary data from the CD-ROM into your computer's RAM memory. Remember, the faster the drive speed, the better the performance. We recommend at least an 8X speed CD-ROM drive. Slower drives will work, however the performance will be noticeably slower and may lead to gaps in playback. Report at problem to Synth-Tek.