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on all Kurzweil K2500 & K2600 titles from Synth-Tek! was $99, now $69--thats the new everyday price.

Kurzweil CD-ROM updates available

Do KDFX pages on your Kurzweil look a little different than what's on our CD-ROM?
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K2500 & K2600 Intermediate CD-ROM Now Available!

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K2500 & K2600 Intermediate CD-ROM's
Now Available

Order now from your music retailer or directly from Synth-Tek
Tutorial topics include:
• Analog Sampling Connections • Analog Sampling (including Timer, Auto & Threshold recording) • Disk Library Utility • How to Backup your SCSI disks • The Multi Objects Selector • Installing New Operating Systems • Importing & Exporting Roland, Akai & Ensoniq samples • Importing & Exporting WAV & AIFF samples • Complete Song Mode sequencer functions • Basic 16 Track Sequencer recording • Punch In/Punch Out • Editing Song Tracks • Arrange Mode • Chaining Songs Together • 32 Track Sequencing • Quantizing • Groove Quantize • Mixdown Page • Live Arrangements • Voices, Stealer & MIDI Scope Utilities • Smoothing Guitar Controller data • Basic Effects Editing • Creating A multi-sample Keymap • Sample Skipping • Control Sources • New FAQ's & Troubleshooting

Complete Tutorials List for The K2500 & K2600 Intermediate CD-ROM

K2500 Intermediate CD-ROM's are fully Windows 2000 compatible !

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K2600 & Kurz. Operating System 3.0 or higher
If you have recently upgraded your Kurzweil K2600 to the new operating system 3.0 or higher and are using our Kurzweil K2600 Beginning CD-ROM, you may have noticed some differences. The version 3.0 upgrade for the K2600 includes new ways of changing the Effects parameters, and the screens may look slightly different in the Effects Mode. Our K2600 Beginning CD-ROM was created with Kurzweil Operating System 2.0. Please keep in mind that although some screens may look different the basic theory of what is going on remains accurate. In order to read about the changes in Version 3.0 of the K2600 operating system, please download the PDF manuals for the new version 3.0 upgrade at the Kurzweil web site.


Updates now available for Kurzweil K2500 "Beginning" & K2600 "Beginning" CD-ROM titles:

This upgrade will make the Beginning CD-ROM titles fully compatible with Windows '98, Windows ME and Windows XP. If you have been using a K2500 or K2600 Beginning title on your Windows computer and have been experiencing audio drop outs, this will fix it. The upgrade process is very simple and inexpensive.

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