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Digital Home Studio  

Digital Home Studio
A complete reference guide on CD-ROM

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Before you buy any music software or hardware, you need this CD-ROM!

Synth-Tek's new "Digital Home Studio" CD-ROM teaches you everything you need to know to set up your own MIDI based home studio. Don't be in the dark when it comes to complex audio & MIDI knowledge. Learn how to record and use MIDI data, digital audio, mixing, MIDI controllers, MIDI & Audio interfaces, computer software recording and much more! "Digital Home Studio" covers every aspect of a home studio, from plugging in audio & MIDI cables, to creating a final audio CD. Nothing is left out! Even electrical power consumption in your studio is covered and easy to understand!

Synth-Tek's famous approach to learning and easy user interface makes learning a snap! Nothing is left out. "Digital Home Studio" takes the time to explain what everything is, what it does, how to connect it, how to use it and how to get the most out of your musical investments.

Each tutorial is a step-by-step narrated and illustrated lesson that literally walks you through each operation and takes the time to explain complicated electronic music topics in easy to understand terms.

"Digital Home Studio" CD-ROM features:

  • 37 complete tutorials comprising several HOURS of learning time
  • Searchable database of tutorials for finding the topic you want quickly
  • Pause, Fast Forward & Rewind tutorials
  • Clear narration explains the topics in non-technical terms so you understand it
  • Animated & illustrated graphics and photos show you every aspect of a topic
  • Large searchable electronic music glossary lets you look up terms and their definitions
  • Mac & Windows compatible - no hard disk installation !
  • Bang for your buck! - only $39.99(US) list price ! ! !
Tutorial titles:
  • What is MIDI
  • Basic MIDI Connections
  • What Is A Synthesizer
  • Analog Audio Connections
  • What Is A MIDI Sequencer
  • Using A Computer Sequencer
  • What Is A MIDI Interface
  • What Is Multi-Timbral
  • What Is Polyphony
  • What Is ROM & RAM Memory
  • Program Change & Bank Select Commands
  • MIDI Controllers
  • What Is SCSI, USB & Firewire
  • Basic Multi-Track MIDI Recording
  • Step Recording
  • Punch-In, Punch-Out Recording
  • What Is Quantizing
  • Bouncing MIDI Tracks
  • What Is A Standard MIDI File
  • Basic Sequencer Track Editing
  • Using Sample Libraries
  • What Is General MIDI
  • MIDI Systems Exclusive Data
  • MIDI Machine Control / Show Control
  • Synchronization Basics
  • Mixer Basics
  • Using Effects With A Mixer
  • What Is Sampling
  • Digital Audio Connections & Interfaces
  • Digital Audio Basics
  • Electrical Power Consumption
  • MIDI Modes
  • Sound Reinforcement
  • What Are Effects
  • Basic Microphone techniques
  • Making Your Own CD
  • Digital Home Studio Of The Future

Compatibility & System Requirements

Synth-Tek has designed this program to run on a minimal computer system. Each CD-ROM is compatible with Windows or Mac. No software installation is required to run this program. Minimum requirements are:


  • 166MHz Pentium II or better
  • Windows '95 or better
  • 8X speed or faster CD-ROM drive
  • sound card
  • 32MB of free physical RAM
  • 13" color monitor & mouse
  • 166MHz PowerPC or better
  • OS 8.1 or higher
  • OSX compatible in Classic Mode
  • OSX native version in Spring 2003
  • 8X speed or faster CD-ROM drive
  • 32MB of free physical RAM
  • 13" color monitor & mouse

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