Kurzweil K2500 CD-ROM Series ( Mac or PC) Digital Home Studio
Kurzweil K2600 CD-ROM Series( Mac or PC)
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Digital Home Studio CD-ROM (Mac/PC) Now Available

Kurzweil K2500 Beginning CD-ROM (Mac/PC) V.2 update NOW AVAILABLE
Kurzweil K2500 Intermediate CD-ROM (Mac/PC) NOW AVAILABLE

Kurzweil K2600 Beginning CD-ROM (Mac/PC) V.2 update NOW AVAILABLE
Kurzweil K2600 Intermediate CD-ROM (Mac/PC) NOW AVAILABLE

Synth-Tek is the new standard in computer-based learning for electronic music products! Today's digital electronic musical gear is becoming increasingly difficult to use. As microprocessors become more powerful and cheaper, instrument manufacturers are loading their products with more and more features. Synth-Tek was created for you, the end user, to help you get the most of your musical investment.

ALL Synth-Tek CD-ROM's feature step-by-step, narrated and illustrated tutorials that explain every aspect of an instrument in no-nonsense, easy to understand terms. No more flipping through hundreds of pages of technical jargon! No other music industry product gives you this type of quality of content paired with such a high quantity of content. Let's face it. You spent your hard earned money on a new piece of gear and you should get the most out of it. Synth-Tek's development team features some of the music industry's best minds. Each tutorial takes time to explain the concepts behind each operation. You learn not only what to do, buy why you are doing it.

Synth-Tek's unique technology miraculously allows for hours and hours of complete audio/visual tutorials to be squeezed onto a single conventional CD-ROM! Not only that, each title is cross platform, working on both Mac & Windows computers. Our Kurzweil K2500 & K2600 series of CD-ROM's feature over 100 complete tutorials on each disk!. In addition to the best tutorial content, each disk features a powerful search engine that lets you go right to the topic to want to learn about. Learning is nonlinear (unlike videotapes or Quicktime movies). You learn at your own pace. There simply is no other product on the market that offer such bang for your learning buck.

Each Synth-Tek CD-ROM title is packed full of useful features:

Quality Of Content

The Synth-Tek team combines years of electronic music experience and educational expertise in creating our programs. Our in depth tutorials contain easy to understand narration and graphics. These tutorials literally walk you through every single operation on an instrument in non-technical terms. You not only learn how to do something, but you learn why you are doing it. Finding a qualified electronic music consultant could end up costing you over $100 and hour! With Synth-Tek CD-ROM you're paying about 89 cents per tutorial. There is no other music product like it that gives you more bang for your buck. To the right is a sample screen shot from the Kurzweil K2500 series. TOP OF PAGE




Ease Of Use

Our motto is "Keep It Simple" and we live by it. All learning takes place on a singe uncluttered interface page consisting of only essential navigation buttons, a title bar and a large visual stage. Jump right to subject you wish to learn about and then proceed at your own pace. Each disk even includes a "How To Use This CD" section which teaches you how to navigate and use all the functions quickly and easily. Try a sample tutorial.


Audio/Visual Learning &
Fully Animated & Narrated Tutorials

The audio/visual nature of Synth-Tek's CD-ROM's allow you to easily have the instrument and computer right in front of you walking you through each tutorial as many times as needed for comprehensive learning. Even without the instrument present, just watch and you're still learning. Clear, easy to understand narration tells you what to do; animated, full color photos and graphics show you how to do it. TOP OF PAGE


Searchable Glossary Of Terms

A completely searchable glossary of over 200 music and electronic music-specific terms is a unique feature of each CD-ROM title that lets you go right to the terms you want for an academic-type definition. Completely searchable by term or user-searchable. The Glossary also contains special instrument-specific terminology for helping you understand how the manufacturer uses terminology and defines certain features. TOP OF PAGE


Searchable Database of Tutorials

All tutorials are accessible from the Main Menu where you can search through tutorials by keywords or by searching with the SEARCH field. Simply type in the word you are interested in and those tutorials are displayed. As an example, type in "sample" in the Keyword Search window and all tutorials related to "sample" are alphabetically displayed for your convenience. TOP OF PAGE


FAQ's & Troubleshooting

Most titles come with Frequently Asked Questions and Troubleshooting sections that contain useful reference information that is divided into sub-topics for ease of use. The Kurzweil K2500 & K2600 Beginning CD-ROM titles each feature 62 Frequently Asked questions and 53 Troubleshooting tips covering everything from how to contact the manufacturer to what happens if you spill water on the unit. Handy dandy. TOP OF PAGE